Tuesday, 28 January 2014

The Very Last Teaching Term...

I still can't believe this is the very last teaching term of my entire degree!!! This term, I have had  9am Monday morning lectures on 'Haematology and Blood Transfusion', a 2pm Monday afternoon lecture on 'Advanced and Clinical Immunology' and a Tuesday morning lecture on 'Cellular and Molecular Pathology'. You might be shocked I've only got two days of lecture this term...but trust me...the final year project is guaranteed to keep me busy for the rest of the week!

To tell you the truth, I'm feeling really nervous about all three modules taught this term. Why do you ask? Well, apart from the obvious (these modules are the very last modules I will be studying on this course so can make a HUGEEEE difference to my overall grade), 'Haematology and Blood Transfusion' and 'Cellular and Molecular Pathology' are two areas of science I haven't really covered before. As for 'Advanced and Clinical Immunology'...'Immunology' which I studied last year was hard enough...now ADVANCED Immunology??? (The title of the module speaks for itself!)

But on a more positive note, the first lecture we had on 'Cellular and Molecular Pathology' was really interesting!!! We learnt about the various methods of carrying out biopsies and watched You Tube videos based on these methods. And Dr Maan Al-Gailani saved the best video 'til last...an Autopsy!!! It was so shocking for those of us who had never seen an autopsy before, (including me I must admit), we were beginning to feel a little queasy after a while...one girl (not naming any names), bless her, couldn't help but run out of the lecture theatre! If the first lecture is this interesting (and eventful)... I can't wait for what else is in store for us in the lectures to come! 

As for labs, the DSC and TGI experiments have been run and all the samples for the NMR experiment have been made...all that's left is for these samples to be run on the actual NMR machine... then I can begin to analyse the results and repeat any samples which have produced an odd result ( hopefully there won't be too many samples like this). My write-up is coming along nicely as well! I know I've done them in reverse order...but chapter 2- the methods section is almost complete...chapter 1- the introduction is well underway...

The finishing line is in sight now and it's work, work, work until I cross it!!!

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