Monday, 24 February 2014

More Science Experiments & Joining Societies

I'm sooooooo happppyyyyyy that I've finally completed all the labs needed to write up my final year project. Last week we had a meeting with the NMR technician to discuss the NMR results. Although the NMR experiments didn't produce the results we were looking for initially, after repeating the experiment several times, we have finalllyyyyy obtained the results we expected! (Phew!) As for the TGA and DSC results, we are yet to have a meeting with the PhD student who was helping us with it... hopefully these results are just as good (fingers crossed)!

Apart from working on my final year project, I've been trying to get stuck into all the coursework that are due this month. The first deadline is tomorrow! A 1500 word essay on 'the benefits, limitations and methodology of population screening for cervical cancer'.  I've written the majority of it already, so all that's left is to write the last few hundred words, proof read it, reference it and check the plagiarism of it through 'Turn it in'. Once this essay is done, there's no rest as I have to move onto the Advanced Immunology case study which is due next week and then complete another case study this time based on Haematology and Blood Transfusion which is due mid March.

The Refreshers fair took place this month and as per usual there were many weird and wonderful societies present! I've been part of St John's Ambulance and Badminton Society since the first year of university. And although there are only a few months of university left now, I just couldn't resist but sign up for The Hindu Society and Art Society as well. The Hindu Society were promoting a Dinner and Dance event they are hosting next week. Most of my friends are going to this I will probably tag along too! And as for Art Society...well Art was one of my favourite subjects at school... I was pretty good at it too having achieved an A in GCSE (wooohoooo)...but I've never done anything 'Arty' since...there just hasn't been any time for I thought the Art Society would be a great opportunity to  get in touch with my Artistic side once again...( I just hope they host an event soon...well before I finish university at the least!)

To end...I thought I'd share the final piece I did for my Art GCSE. The title set by the examination board was 'Barriers'... I chose to base my piece on Emotional Barriers...

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