Friday, 24 January 2014

January exams..

So it's 2014 and what with all the life changing events that are about to happen this year (graduating in the summer and waiting to hear the outcome of my med applications for a start) I sure hope this year is the best yet!

The holidays, well I rather call it... the 'study leave', went super quick as ever!!! I pretty much spent most of the three weeks studying for the January exams and tried as best as I could to do some work on my final year project. Apart from that, I spent Christmas day with my family and friends- we all had a really lovely Christmas lunch together and watched almost everything on tele (the Christmas special of Eastenders being my favourite!) 

And as for New Years day, well, we went to the temple as usual and then went to the New Year's party over at my cousin's house in the evening. I did manage to do some shopping over the holidays too... last minute Christmas Shopping with my mates in Oxford Street on Christmas Eve and then hitting the sales in Westfield on Boxing Day! 

Oh you would never guess what happened whilst shopping in Oxford Street? I only went and bumped into Singer Arjun in Topshop didn't I!!! Some of you may not know who he is yet as he is only just getting into the music industry...but watch the space...he is going to make it big (YouTube him and see for yourself!)


And as for the January exams, I'm not quite sure how to feel about them... the Cancer Biology Exam went really well... but the Biochemistry exam on the other hand was a totally different story! It went so bad...I'm really worried that this exam has pulled my overall grade for the year down! :( I revised soooo hard for these exams... so I can't exactly blame myself for not revising enough... I just don't feel like I answered the questions as well as I could have....I can't really explain it actually...except...bad days...bad papers... just happens I guess...something I know I really can't afford in the final year of my degree...but something that just happens sometimes...It's onwards and hopefully upwards from here on... lets hope all the other exams this year go well!

Until the next blog, hope you all have a lovely few weeks ahead! :)

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