Wednesday, 16 October 2013


October is my favourite month of the year!!! Why I hear you ask??? Well… October is the month of many celebrations!!! My birthday for a start! And then there’s Navarthri…Diwali… Halloween… and so many more!  Last Monday was my birthday and turning 22 sure makes me feel reeaaallllly old! L My friends threw me what was meant to be a ‘surprise’ party (bless them for trying to keep it a secret but I’m sorry to say their Spielberg performance really wasn't up to scratch!) Who would create a whatsapp group entitled ‘surprise’ …include you…’The Birthday Girl’ in it by accident… and then delete you from the group??? But all jokes apart, I do know how lucky I am to have such amazing friends…and I really did have a great time…so thankssss guys!!! J

Aside from all the celebrations that have been happening this month, I’ve been trying to keep up to date with all the lectures and make a start on my coursework. We only have three lectures a week now, so there is plenty of time during the week to do all the work.  For Medical Biochemistry, I have been trying to find relevant journals to discuss current concepts and mechanisms of atherosclerosis (a risk factor of cardiovascular disease where the arteries become clogged with fatty substances such as cholesterol).  For Medical Microbiology, I have been completing regular online quizzes on topics discussed in the lecture and currently in the process of completing a case study based group project. As for Cancer Biology, I have yet to read and understand a journal set by the lecturer for an in-class phase test in mid-November. Not to mention the final year project, which I am still to be given…

I also volunteered as a STEM Ambassador at a careers fair held at the university this month. My friends and I set up a stall called ‘ Life as a Science Student’ in order to educate A level students about science degrees they can work towards, career options they will have once they obtain a science degree and university life in general. And what with all the freebies available only when the students answered the questions to our science-based card game correctly, our stall was busy busy busy from the minute we set up! As much as the students benefited from such a successful event, I too was able to develop many of my interpersonal skills (something I will definitely not forget to mention on my CV!)

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