Monday, 11 November 2013

Final Year Project!

Hey guys!

Hope you’re all well! :)

I’m sure you will all be just as relieved as I am to hear that I’ve finnaalllyyyy sorted out my final year project this week! It all feels so real now that the dates for when I can go to labs and actually start collecting my data have been booked...I just can’t wait to begin!!!

I have been assigned a Biochemistry based project, I’ve been told to have had very little work done on in the past, so is all very new and exciting stuff in the field of Biochemistry! To explain it in short, the project focuses on the study of specific families of amino acids (i.e. amino acids as a single monomer, as a dipeptide and in their cyclic form) in order to gain a better understanding of their chemical properties and potential uses in industry. It involves a lot of new techniques I have never used before, such as Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA), Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) and Hot Stage Microscopy. As the project is heavily based on concepts in chemistry which are either very new to me or what I have learnt three years ago during my A levels (so bound to be a little rusty in) and involves techniques which I know I've already mentioned are very new to me, I do feel  completely out of my comfort zone! I am really lucky to have a wonderful project supervisor who will no doubt support me throughout the project and a good friend of mine who is currently doing her PhD in the same field who will be helping me in labs, so I know I'm in very good hands! I just need to stop being so nervous!

I haven’t quite decided on what the exact title of my project should be yet…but I guess I’ll be in a better position to think of the perfect title once I am well underway with it all. In the mean time, I better prepare myself for an exciting week of labs ahead...research  around the topic and the techniques involved a little more...and make a start on the intro of the actual write-up (the earlier the better right?)

Wish me luck! 

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