Friday, 27 September 2013

Bring on the Third and Final Year!

I know this sounds so cliché but it feels like only yesterday when I was accepted onto the BSc Biomedical  Science course at the university, I was sorting out my student finance, I had moved into halls and I had actually started the course. And now? Well...I really can't believe I've just started my third and final year of university! Pinch me please...because this really doesn't feel real!
Last week was moving- in weekend, so  just like all the other students, I did some last minute shopping,  packed my suitcases and headed off to Medway. As always, the Resident Assistants at the university were very welcoming and helped us with the moving in process. Seeing all the first year students, some I must admit who seemed very nervous...others more excited, with their parents by their side and a car full of what must have been everything they  possibly owned, really did bring back memories of my first moving-in weekend! I was really lucky this year because I was able to choose the flat/room I wanted and who I wanted to share the flat with! And after spending a long time thoroughly cleaning my room and unpacking, I can now say I have officially put my stamp onto the place and finally settled in!

Induction day was last Friday and we were informed of everything wonderful (that was case some of you didn't realise) in store for us this year! The timetable seems to be much more relaxed this year- I have a 9am-12pm lecture on Medical Microbiology and a 2pm-4pm lecture on Medical Biochemistry on Mondays and then a 1pm-4pm lecture on Cancer Biology on Thursdays- although I'm sure our arch nemesis... THE FINAL YEAR PROJECT... will pretty much take up the rest of the week. I have been assigned a lab based project on Biochemistry so I can't wait to get started on that! And as for coursework this year, well we've been hit with them already... our first piece of coursework is due in just over a week's time...I better get started on that soon!

So to end... for those of you who are in the same boat as I am,  I'd just like to share a few pearls of wisdoms  I've been advised of by several members of staff at the family...friends...pretty much everyone I know who have completed their degree... " The third year is by far the most intense, difficult and important year of your entire degree. Take it seriously. Manage your time well. Keep on top of all your work (especially your final year project). And don't leave things until the last minute!" ( Is anyone else as scared as I am right now?)

Good Luck Guys!

And I almost forgot to mention...Team April came a respectable second place in the 'Theme your Team' competition...if only if it wasn't for Team Spencer who stole the glory of first place from us! ;)

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  1. I love you Keerthana! You are the best blogger ever I can relate to everything you say and I can't wait till your next blog! :)