Thursday, 18 September 2014

Goodbye Greenwich :(

So this is it… my very last blog for the University of Greenwich! It only feels like yesterday I was accepted onto the course through clearing and was moving into halls, with practically most of my bedroom shoved into my parent’s car, not knowing what university will have in store for me! And now…three years later… I’ve only gone and graduated with a First in BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science haven’t I! How time flies I just cannot believe!  

The graduation ceremony, held at Rochester Cathedral in July, was a day I will never forget! The location was beautiful! Everyone looked absolutely amazing in their dresses and suits. It was so lovely to finally meet everyone’s family and friends who I’ve heard so much about over these last three years! And seeing how proud my parents were just made me feel so happy! The sun was even out! But as always on a big occasion, there had to be a wardrobe malfunction didn’t there and I ended up wearing a gown which was twice my size and a hat which kept slipping off my head…but hey…at least I didn’t trip up when I got onto the stage to collect my certificate! (Phew!)

I’ve had a fantastic three years here at the University of Greenwich! I have met a lot of lovely people not only from my course but the other courses on the Medway campus too, the societies I have been involved in and the Enquiry Unit where I have worked. I truly believe studying here has given me a strong foundation in science which I can use to work towards achieving my ambition of becoming a doctor in the future. And I can definitely say I really am going to miss everything about Greenwich L.

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