Tuesday, 20 May 2014

The end of an era...(well almost!)

Hey everyone! :))

Hope you're all well! :))

As you can tell I'm in an even happier mood than I usually am...and you ask me why??? Well, I've only gone and completed my undergraduate degree haven't I!!! (Well very close to finishing, just a poster presentation  on my final year presentation standing between me and freeeedom!)

I've been working pretty hard for the past couple of months, first doing my final year dissertation and then revising for the final exams. With the Drill Hall library open 24 hours for the first time this year, it practically became my second home! I would go around 6pm in the evening and come back to halls at around 6am and it wasn't just me, so many of my friends and other students did all-nighters there too and trust me the later it got into the night the crazier some of the students went, and it was the laughing at them and the energy drinks that I had next to me which kept me going!

I am sooo relieved my dissertation has been handed in now! And I am soooo pleased my final exams went pretty well too! The 'Advanced and Clinical Immunology' exam which I had been dreading the most was surprisingly my best exam! The 'Haematology and blood transfusion' paper wasn't too bad either. And as for the 'Cellular and Molecular Pathology' exam... a case study based on colon cancer which had metastasised to the liver, well it was a seen paper so I didn't feel too nervous about that one. I did as much research I could around the case study prior to the exam and went into the exam room feeling prepared. Now all that's left is the poster presentation on my final year project which is next Friday. I've completed the poster so now I just have to get it printed and then prepare what I will be saying about the poster during the presentation (I have to admit I am terrible at giving speeches and presentations so I am not looking forward to it too much. I'm getting nervous just thinking about it and it's 7 WHOLE DAYS away haha!)

In the mean time, I have been enjoying the last few weeks in halls, hanging out with my mates, watching lots of movies (I've recently been crazy about Bollywood movies in particular having watched ‘2 states’, ‘Ram Leela’, ‘Aashiqui 2’, ‘Cocktail’ and ‘Gunday’ all in the last few days), doing a bit of packing (as I will probably be leaving halls after the poster presentation on Friday) and of course catching up on all those hours of sleep I had lost these past few weeks!

I booked the graduation tickets and on the lookout for a nice dress to wear. I also booked tickets to go on a backpacking trip around Italy with my mates from the 3rd of June which I cannot wait for!!!

I'll be writing my goodbye blog soon so keep an eye out for that ...until then... for those of you who still have exams...keep going... all your hard work will definitely pay off! And for those of you who are pretty much free for the Summer...take a well-earned rest and enjoy the sun! :)

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