Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Goodbye Second Year!

Heyyy Everyone!!! :)

I'm soooooo glad summer has finallllyyyy arrived! I don't know about you but I've just been enjoying the sun as much as I can lately! I know I haven't written any blogs for absolutely agesssss now... I was just soooooo overwhelmed by exams in May and then was running around doing voluntary work/ work placements in June ( I'll tell you more about that later) that I just didn't get time to sit down and actually put down everything I've been up to recently onto paper!  So as you can imagine I have A LOT  to update you on! Let's get going...

As you all know, May was a month of intense revision and exams. The exams this year were pretty close to one another so we didn't really get much time to relax. Some would argue that it is better this way as you can get all the exams over and done with within a short space of time and then have a longer holiday to look forward to....but to be honest, I would rather have had them spread across several weeks so I could relax between each exam and have more time to prepare for them.  My last exam was on the 30th and by the end of it, I was just relieved it was all over! I felt I did pretty well overall, with the exception of one paper, which was sooooo difficult, I came out of the exam hall gutted...convinced I had made a complete mess of it...

To celebrate the end of exams....and the end of ( I can't believe I am saying this) THE SECOND YEAR... of course we all had a small party on the night of our last exam, but the very next day,  we decided to let of some steam in Thorpe Park as well. I myself am absolutely PETRIFIED of any rides which ...let me think...(deep breath)... go super-fast, super high,  upside down, backwards, have even one loop let alone a billion or involve any sort of drops!!! So why go to Thorpe Park if I'm that scared? I hear you ask. Well, as much as I am scared of those kinds of rides...I absolutely LOVE the Water rides!!! I would go on Tidal Wave, Loggers Leap, Rumpa Rapids and the very latest Storm Surge a 100 times if the queues weren't as long as they were and I didn't have to face such a long WET journey back home! But my friends did manage to somehow force me onto two of what 'I' would call the more daring rides...although I hated them for doing that at the that I am sitting safe and comfortably in my home...I am actually rather glad that I went on those rides!!! And I hope they don't read this but maybe I CAN pluck up the courage to go another one next time!

The end of exams also meant that I had to pack up my things and move out of halls. It always seems to amaze me how many things I manage to buy/ collect over the much things that just one EXTRA suitcase wasn't quite enough! And of course returning the huge pile of library books I borrowed from the Drill Hall library and paying off the library fines was another thing I had to do! I was really lucky to have had AMAZING flatmates this year so it was really sad saying goodbye and leaving them all, especially as they were all graduating this year so it was unlikely we would see each other as much next year :(

After leaving the campus officially for the summer holidays...there was only one thing on my mind...the results. And guess what??? I received them only a few weeks into my summer holiday!!! I couldn't believe I had got a FIRST overall for the second year!!! I had even done pretty well in the really difficult paper I was soooooo worried about!!! Hard work really does pay off in the end!!! :)

So all that is left for me to say is....GOODBYE SECOND YEAR!!! I'm sorry to say but I won't be missing you...but I am looking forward to what is in store for me in the third year! And I know I did say I would tell you guys about my voluntary work/work placements later on...but you'll just have to wait until my next blog to hear about them!

So until then...byeeeeee!!!

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