Friday, 3 May 2013


Hey Everyone!
Exams are in less than two weeks now ( what else can you expect now that the summer season has arrived???)  and I'm sure you are all fully underway with revision!!! My bedroom, which is usually very tidy (I must admit) looks like a whirl wind has just hit it...what with all the mind maps and post stick notes stuck on the wall, books/folders stacked up on the table and bits of paper lying all over the floor. Why is it that time just seems to be flying past these days now that I need as much time as I can get to fit in as much revision as I can before the exams begin? It's just not fair!!!

So here are some top tips I thought I'd share with you all to help you keep your cool during the stressful few weeks ahead:

1) Plan the time you have wisely so that you have plenty of time to cover all the modules prior to the exams. There is no point panicking that you have left your revision too late and having a nervous breakdown a few days before the exam or even worse...the night before ( which I  can't even imagine doing) because you will be the only one to blame!!! Making a revision timetable may seem tedious but it is the best way of planning your time ( and trust really does work)!

2) Experiment with various methods of revision  and find the best method for you! Some people, like myself, prefer to revise using mind maps and revision notes...others  like to revise in small groups so that they can test each other. Whatever method you choose, it is important that it is effective! Do make sure you attempt past papers under timed conditions nearer to the exam so that you get a feel of the exam paper and are able to complete the paper within the time allowed. If you are unsure of any questions, I am sure the lecturers will not mind going through them (provided you email them about it before actually turning up in front of their door).

3) Weird as it may sound, it is very important that you are not constantly revising. The revision that you do is much more effective if you spread your revision throughout the day and take plenty of intervals between.

4) Eat Healthily, Exercise and Sleep well so that your health is not affected during this stressful period of time and are able to focus throughout the day.

5) Never panic the day before the exam! It may seem that you don't know anything, but as soon as you enter the exam hall and read through the exam paper, I am sure you will be able to remember everything you have revised ( and I'm saying this from past experience). Look through the material you have revised, such as the exam papers, but don't try to cram revise new things, knowing that the exam is less than 12 hours away! And I know this may seem obvious but make sure and that you know where and when your exam is the next day and have all your equipment ready to take with you ( the last thing you need to worry about on the day of the exam is forgetting something really important like your university ID card or arriving late to your exam because you went to the wrong building).

6) Finally, on the day of the exam , go calmly into the exam room (drinking water really does help calm your nerves) and read through all the exam questions and plan the time you are going to spend on each question, before attempting to answer the questions. Do make sure you check your answers before handing your exam paper in. Once you leave the exam room, do not worry about what you have written in the exam, but take a break for a few hours and then move onto your preparation for your next exam.


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