Thursday, 10 January 2013

Happy 2013!!! :)

Happy New Year everyyyyyoneeee!!! I hope you all had a lovely Christmas/ New Year and just about ready to face everything the second term of uni has in store for us!

As you all know from my previous blogs, the Christmas holiday was one holiday I've been waiting for for a loooooooong time (not just because of the stressful month of coursework/exams we had to face in December...but also for the festive fun, new year celebrations, amazing food, catch-up sessions with family and friends, Christmas movies, massive sales  all over London and everything else that happens around Christmas & New Year!!!) In fact, as weird as it may sound, I much prefer the colder winter weather compared to summer, so this really is the perfect time of year for me!

As the term ended quite late for us compared to everyone else, I only had the weekend to buy Christmas presents for my family and friends (wrapping the presents was an absolute nightmare -  no matter how hard I tried..I just never managed to master the art of tying the ribbon around them!!!) Christmas day itself was the usual ( opening presents, enjoying Christmas dinner with the family, watching the Christmas special of Dr Who and other programmes on tele etc.) but it was still really nice!!!!) Boxing Day of course means sales shopping and that's exactly what I did with my friend in Westfield! Although it was a mission trying to get through the large crowds of people just to get inside at least ONE shop, it was well worth the trouble as I managed to buy a Guess Bag in the sales (something I've wanted for a long time!) And as for New Years Eve, I spent most of the day with my friends in China Town and then with my family as the countdown into the New Year began. New Years day itself involved going to the temple for New Year Prayer and visiting more family. My friend from New Zealand, who I hadn't seen since Year 8 had also come for a visit, so it was really nice spending the rest of the holiday with her and catching-up with some of my other secondary school friends who I hadn't seen for a while either (Winter Wonderland was A-mazing!!!)

So after two weeks of fun, I'm sooooooooo glad we've got a week left before we start the new term. I'm definitely going to spend pretty much most of the week finishing off my lab book and lab report which is due in when we get back and also reviewing some of my lecture notes to refresh my memory on last term's work. I recently had a look at this term's timetable and I was sooooooooo shocked to see the four 9am starts I've got this term...  each day consisting of at least one lecture and IT/practical lab session...the only day I have free is the Wednesday! :( So I guess my new year's resolution would have to be waking up early for these 9am lectures (and of course...losing those extra pounds I've gained over the holidays...) What's YOUR new year's  resolution???

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