Monday, 17 December 2012


Christmas is right around the corner now and I’m counting down the days until our holidays begin!

I did hear from a lot of people studying at the university that second year is pretty difficult and requires a lot more work….which is how I imagined it to be….but I never realised just how much work they would give us to complete in such a short space of time until now! December has been all about finishing off coursework and handing them in on time. The Immunology Practical Case Study report was the one piece of work I was dreading, but once I had completed my practical on it and done some research around the topic itself, I really did begin to enjoy it! (Strange it may seem…but it’s true!) I really got into the swing of finding the differential diagnosis for each patient based on their clinical history and the lab results obtained from my practical work. It also gave me an opportunity to better familiarise myself with medical terminology and the various clinical aspects involved in diagnosing a patient which I know will help me in the future for sure! The other pieces of coursework set were also based on case studies but weren’t as long as the first one (* she sighs with relief*). I have a statistics project to hand in later today....leaving me with one more coursework to complete for next week  before the Immunology exam next Thursday. (And after that… I promise I will not talk about coursework, exams and deadlines in my blogs for a while!)

Uni finishes next Friday and I just can’t wait for the holidays to begin!Last Wednesday, my friends and I organised a Christmas party over at my friend’s flat. It was really nice to catch up with everyone and have some time to just relax and have fun. The food was great and the music was great! Everyone had a fantastic time (I know I certainly did) and we partied away for most of the night (luckily we all had a day off the next day so we didn’t have to worry about waking up early in the morning)! We also thought it would be really nice to do Secret Santa this year! Ever since we picked out a name from a hat a few weeks ago…we had all been speculating who our Secret Santa would be… and it was all finally revealed at the Christmas party! My Secret Santa was one of my good friends Shelly! She got me a beautiful bracelet (which I absolutely loved) and a portable iPhone charger…something I really needed!

So what’s my plan for the holidays? Well… I’m hoping to relax for a couple of days, watch some great movies being shown on tele, celebrate Christmas and New Year with the family and revise all the work covered this term. And let’s just hope that at least Christmas 2012 will be a white Christmas… the freezing temperature we’ve been experiencing lately certainly gives us hope!

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